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In December, RaeShawn Crosson, IEC National Chief Operating Officer, came to our Chapter to facilitate a Strategic Planning session.  This process will result in an innovative and fiscally sound long-term plan to be implemented throughout 2019.  Our Committee Chairs and our team of staff will work together with all of our volunteers to implement the vision and goals for our Chapter.

The Apprenticeship and Training Committee is led by IEC-NE Vice President, Joe Fontana, of P.J. Lodola & Sons, and IEC-NE Secretary, Rich Bird, of Shea’s Electrical Services.  Our staff liaison to this committee is Executive Assistant, Allie French.

In 2019 this committee will increase outreach to schools and career counselors, improve our visual display at career fairs, create a “Contractor Shadow Day”, build up our labs and implement the IEC National Computer Management System.  All of these efforts will help to recruit, train and deliver more licensed electricians into our workforce.

The Continuing Education Committee is led by IEC-NE Past President, John Taylor of Electrical Energy Systems. Training to be the staff liaison is Continuing Education & Social Media Coordinator, Hannah Mueller.  This committee will work together to meet the needs of our growing Chapter by expanding our offerings of continuing education classes throughout CT and Western MA. 

This means hiring and training more instructors, which is a huge undertaking all on its own.  It also means adding more locations to hold our continuing education classes.  So, new this year we are offering classes in Dayville, Branford, Stonington and Wallingford with plans to expand into Fairfield County.

The Government Relations Committee is led by Larry Vallieres and I am the staff liaison for this committee.  Our lobbyist, Andy Markowski with Statehouse Associates is also very involved with this committee.  This recently revived committee has been knockin’ it out of the ballpark with our new Legislative Update which is distributed to our members after each monthly meeting and as issues arise that need immediate attention.  We are also implementing an online Bill Tracker to enable members access to current legislation. 

The Membership Committee has recently changed leadership.  Joe Fontana who led this committee very energetically and successfully for nearly 2 years handed the baton over to IEC-NE Board Member, Chris Cyr of Dyna Electric who is actively leading this committee along with our staff liaison, Chapter Development Coordinator, Joanne Errera.

The Membership Committee has some very lofty goals for 2019 including increasing membership growth by 25% in CT and recruiting 12 new members in Western MA.  Aggressive?  Yes.  Feasible?  Absolutely!  How?  They are working on establishing a tool kit with a one-pager and registration application that members can use for recruitment, a new member referral program to include free registration incentives and to use this Newsletter and social media platforms to increase membership awareness, highlight member benefits and to connect regularly with our audience.

The Professional Development Committee is led by IEC-NE Board Member, Mark Madore with T&T Electrical and our staff liaison is Joanne Errera.  The number one priority for this committee and our Chapter right now is to create and maintain a curriculum for each training course we offer.  This will allow flexibility with instructors and will maintain professionalism and consistency.

This committee will also be increasing and creating new professional development offerings, not just in CT but in Western MA as well.  New programs include Change Order Pricing, Ethics & Best Practices, Lockout/Tagout, Silica Training, Sales & Tax Laws and Solar Troubleshooting.  In Western MA we will provide Estimating, Foreman Training, NPFA 70E and Project Management.

One of the main things I hope you will notice with our goals and vision is that everything we do…EVERYTHING…is TEAM oriented.  We (and when I say “we” I mean Board Members, Committee Members, the admin team, the team of instructors and all of our members) are part of a team that keeps this successful association operating while incorporating our core values of Honesty, Kindness, Respect and Responsibility.  We set these goals and strategies to grow, improve, inspire, connect and make IEC New England the example to follow, not just within the Northeast Region, but the entire national association network.

Thank you for being a part of our Team.

Respectfully Submitted by Cheryl E. Dudus, IEC-NE Executive Director


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