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Apr 4, 2018
Outfitting employees with appropriate footwear reduces injuries. Protecting employees’ feet with good industrial footwear cuts lost work hours, improves productivity, and heightens morale.

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  • Mar 28, 2018
    For a business owner, workers’ comp insurance is an inevitable necessity. But by learning how the system works, you will be able to comfortably have a handle on what you are paying for, what affects your annual premium, and how to better manage and plan for unforeseen events.
  • Mar 14, 2018
    New England Real Estate Journal Sharon Bonneau is a single mother of four children who lives in Webster, Mass. She’s also an electrical apprentice in her second year at Interstate who is on her way to becoming a licensed electrician.
  • Mar 7, 2018
    The best way to prevent costly injuries is to promote safe work practices, provide the necessary PPE, and do everything possible to encourage wearer compliance. By Mark Saner Mar 01, 2018 You painstakingly identified all the hazards in your workplace. You consulted each of the relevant safety standards and OSHA regulations. You implemented a comprehensive personal protective equipment (PPE) program and made sure every employee was supplied with the necessary gear and trained on how to use it properly. Everything went great for about a week. And then employees started wearing their PPE incorrectly, or even skipping it altogether. What went wrong?
  • Our fourth year apprentices put their writing skills to the test and submitted a narrative on one of the three topics: What has been your favorite on-the-job project and why?, How do you see the residential, industrial or commercial electrical industry changing in the next 3-5 years?, or How has becoming an electrician changed or influenced your life? We loved reading them and learning more about our apprentices. Based on the essays, we chose our top three. They were surprised to learn that it wasn’t just a homework assignment and prizes were involved. Congrats to Jake Jaspersohn and Dan Stolarczyk (winning a $25 gift card) and Matt Brodeur winning a Milwaukee combo tool! Here is how becoming an electrician has impacted Matt:
  • Heat  Stress Prevention…
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  • Larry Vallieres Past President   In 1972 I started State-Wide Electric and have been involved in our association for nearly 40 years. When I first joined the association, it was called “CECA” …
  • I was eleven years old when my father, and founder of N&S Electric, joined IEC New England (formerly known as CECA) in 1970.  Throughout the years my father reminded me how important it was for o…
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